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The alternative you.


There are people you dont know, poeple you think you know, and people you know very well. And often at times, its one person at different days of the week. And often at times, its you.


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The fading role our hearts play.

Nothing dramatical happened. They saw eachother and felt no magic. No stars broke free. No hearts melted. No tears fell. No setting sun froze by the seashore hoping they’d stay together forever. There weren’t even butterflies or daisies – or lush green fields or guitars in the backgroud. There were no “as long as you’re here, it’ll all be alright”; no “i’ll always be here”.

There was no wind that blew the leaves and her hair, no warm crips smell of comfort. No aftermath of situations. None of that.

All there was, was a realization that even though they had looked the same, they were now two rational people who had forgotten what it felt like to have loved.

You know what: it was still all alright.

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The unrest you make habit of.

While you try to gather in all you can before it vanishes, you forget to gather in the peace.

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The longtime coming.

The only people I devoted myself to, was them.

Then you come here made of fire wanting me to burn with your light, when all I can do, is put you out.

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The words: I love you.

They said it once, really swiftly, as if in a rush; making sure you didn’t hear them – almost wanting you to hear them.

And then you grew. And learned. And they thought it was necessary so they said it again. Each word gently. Slowly. Almost like a whisper. And you almost heard them but convinced yourself it was the wind.

When you could make your own coffee, solve your own problems, go through a long day and smile anyway. When you were satisfied with whom you were, when you became the person you wanted to be; they said it to you – clearly and whole heartily this time. Each letter pronounced well, each word defined. And you understood them.  Well. But you blamed them for being too straight forward.

Whiles later, at this moment, they are screaming it in your face and you’re too old to hear them out.

Unclog your ears.

It’s almost too late.

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The spy who told you this.

The key is to find the balance between the good they take for granted and the bad they despise.

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Because you will still be you when it ends. Only better.

Its okay. Forgive them/ it/ him/ her/ you.

You’ll forget the details anyway.

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