This is a blog. Someone writes this. That someone is a she. And every time she comes to edit the about page, she is left vacant and wordless. And she is pale and worn-out of this routine. Even though its upsetting nil.

So today she will write. About nothing particular at all, but about everything she knows. Today she will insert print to the blank link on the top right of her homepage that refuses to fade away. Today she will over mark imagination.

She is a sister of three and a daughter of two. She also has a name. Hubba Khatoon. She’s not extraordinary. She talks, laughs, sings, smiles, cries. Sometimes way too much. But then she teaches herself to restore balance.

She graduated from high school in 2009. Prom ’09. Yep, that was the vogue. And then for bachelors, she rejected Pharmacy to get into Economics. That made a lot of people unhappy but she was satisfied. She does things. Most of the time she doesn’t know the reason herself.

Her mother is the most beautiful woman in the world. Up until about now, all she knew about her mother was arguments. She is slow. But she is learning to get a hang of things now.

She listens to the radio. Chum FM. She loves grass. She bakes, sometimes. She wears two rings on her right hand, all the time.

She cleans. A lot. She cleans everything all the time. And sometimes she doesn’t. Sometimes she just leaves things the way they are, because it feels better.

Her fingernails are round. Her father is her role model. She will someday (soon) teach a writing course with him. She has awesome friends, each and every one of them. She battles with her brother and always wins. She loves cake, and chocolate, and hot milk, and Doritos, and ice cream, and peanuts, and sunflower seeds.

She falls in love too fast. And then she feels wrong and tries to stride back the steps. That’s where she messes up sometimes. She also messes up trying NOT to fall in love when she’s supposed to. But she’s only human. Sometimes she doesn’t know. She has small eyelashes. Really small. She likes weddings. A lot.

She also likes sleep. But she has insomnia. A functional impairment. It’s nothing serious. But regardless of that, she needs sleep. And so she will end this right here and now.

Heh. There went.

All about.


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  1. 1

    G said,

    Hello (:

    Just chanced upon your blog. I admire your writing and it’s really nicely done. Just want to pop by to let you know you got a new found fan. I’m into writing too! You can check my page out.


  2. 5


    This is love.

    your blog is love.

    No really.

  3. 6

    rubab said,

    wow hubba this is wonderful

  4. 8

    USAMA.... said,

    hubba u knw vt thz iz realy ausme………..hats off…..:D

  5. 10

    Wow that’s a really detailed About Me page. I can learn a thing or two from you.

  6. 11

    Hamza Naseem said,

    oyeeee hubba…… nyc yaar……..impressv ksmse…. 🙂 lv da way u write….

  7. 12

    talha said,

    i like it=)…its awsum..

  8. 13

    salman khan said,

    my compliments hubba, terrific skills u have got and a natural flare for writing keep it up

  9. 17

    Mahnoor said,

    I don’t like reading but i was on n on when i started reading your “about me” it was a delight, a job well done 🙂
    Keep it alive because getting to the top is easy but staying there is difficult…
    Best the luck

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