Tell me.

Tell me. Is this it. Is this where it shifts, or turns. Or makes things run. Or makes wonders work. Or becomes. Or proves. And takes away to make free will possible.

Tell me. Is this where inspirations strike and happy people remain happier. Is this where you challenge powers that be and become softer than the pillows you land on when you deliberately fall from skyscrapers. Is this where your lofty sense of humor evaporates. Is this where you take all high spirits away from yourself because excess of everything is bad.

Tell me.
Is this where it can be. True. Is this where we can be together. Where you can fall for things that don’t matter so much. What is it. Why are we so dejected and blue. What is it with understanding. Why do we have to stop smiling, stop laughing, stop screaming out songs through fast car windows. Stop going on as who we really are. Stop existing as the elevated destinations of love.

Stop being anything at all.

Tell me.


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    chrislipjournal said,

    This is some really nice prose! I especially like the “take all high spirits away” line.

    Rob Hanson of the Chrislip Journal

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