The colour red

I will be born again, and bring to the world what it asked me to bring.

I will resurrect the sun to the point where the skies pause when it’s about to set.

I will drape myself with oversized sweaters and walk the halls of no return.

I will open all the presents and slide my hands through cards.

I will wear the biggest shades to smooch in all those photos.

At times, I will stand still –¬†because it rains softer.

I will pull the threads from posters and hope they never change.

I will stare at night through night bulbs and blink when it feels numb.

I will pet dogs and touch ladybugs.

I will grow my hair (because you love them long).

I will wash dishes and learn to cook.

I will wait for the red light at cross walks.

And someday, I will find that car you drove me the day the puzzles fit.

I will drive that car on highways, to the sun that never sets.

I will smile at strangers because they could be you.

I will laugh at jokes I don’t find funny.

I will apologize for things I have done wrong.

I will play with children.

I will love my mom.

And when I’m tired of all that, I will break the petals off roses and throw them at all that you and I could’ve done.


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