somewhere onwards

I hope you get what you want or you want something new.

I hope you don’t become what you don’t like.

I hope you work with the good things you do.
I hope you smile every time the rain comes.
I hope your fragile things are safe.
I hope when you lay to sleep, you sleep fast.
I hope you never grow too old for promises.
I hope your left behinds aren’t burned ships.
I hope your ends are softer than your beginnings.
I hope you are given meanings, and valid reasons to exist.
I hope you are not fooled by anyone but yourself.
I hope your favourite shades don’t become moods.
I hope you do things because they are easy not to do.
I hope your wars end faster.
I hope you are always loved.
I hope, for although it will not fly, your heart always climbs.

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