“The world is all gates, all opportunities, strings of tension waiting to be struck.”

Someday it will be over.

And you’ll have to take a bow at what meant forever and what never was. But the choice that you have to make shouldn’t have anything to do with the circumstances the world is in. There will still be enough surprise affects to change the way things roll and they way they suddenly stop rolling. There will still be the richness of moonlight and the apparent full moon. There will still be questions left unanswered. There will still be an everyday performance.

But you will have to keep in consideration that alot of things will not be there. Your things. There will never be silence. There will never be simple explanations to complicated lives. There will never be bridges and valleys. There will never be chilled winters. No early sproutings, no wait.

Not until you come along, there will never be that  essence.


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