twisted as it has always been…

Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, Dieria. This is what environmental changes bring yu.

Maybe i should go to a doctor..but doctors in this country are worse than van drivers. he’d probably tell me i have  cancer in the testicles or something – for which he would definitely be wrong because news flash: i am a girl . Thats when i would kick him in the balls and tell him to go do a four year undergrad, one year house job, and 4 years of testicle specialization before he can come up with a real degree and a cure for his own  newly developed testicle problem.

But that wont change the state i’m in – although by that time i would be a doctor my self , and i’d say to him ” Keep yur fake degree you imitated bogus, i’ll cure yur disease”. But i’d be specializing in something completely different so yea….

i love ribbons. They always give some sense of ambition and belief. i noe it sounds lame. ribbons are non-living inorganic things that only look good on clothes or hair – but they have colour, and thats something not everyone can easily posses.

My class starts at 12:45. Its 1:10. Van’s here.


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    Farria Farooq said,

    Sweeetie i think you have taken the doctor situation too much overborad.. !.. there actual docs out there….!… my dad is one of them.. :P… just make sure to check his degreeeee or go to two for a second opnion…

    Secondly how ribbons can make u feeel ambitious is beyond me… care to explain :P..

    i updated blog .. i want ur opnion on it …

    tc.. love

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