the launch of random thoughts

Hey…my name is Hubba Khatoon and yes..this is my first ever open book diary entry…its like confusion to the extent..there is so much you  like to just blurt to the world, and so much you would rather keep till the second entry..

so…it’s one thing graduating from high school, leaving behind all your friends and getting into university…its another thing moving into a third world country (that can at anytime be in a state of war) just because your parents love the feeling of being back home.

i wont say its awful – although at first the far left side of my brain was telling me it’ll be a long painful drag – but it didn’t turn out all that bad.

..and plus, drags are what yu recover from. RECOVERY. i just gave my currently pessimist friend a lecture on how RECOVERY is one of the most amazing things in life….someone repeat that to me.

She wants me to write about her. “did u mention yet how preeety i am”….yes that and how amazing yu truly are and how it would’ve been almost impossible for me to survive this world without yu. but sheeesh. she will eventually read this and would have her head on the 7th sky…

…okay blogging is fun, but sitting on a bed side table because yu just moved into a new house and dont have ANYTHING else to sit on is physically and mentally agonizing.



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    hubbaaa said,

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWN thank you sweet heart.. it would be almost impossible for me to live without you tooo… we had a gud long run… u r like my history book… walking talking journal entry.. frm middle school to high shcool.. wel in uni this diary is going ot be virtual ..

    i love the fact u r blogging.. coz this allows me to be part of ur bad day even when i am not arnd… love you loads. i miss you every time i doo makeup… i miss you everytime my mum makes somosas…
    love you

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